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    Make interactive setup delegate CTRL+C · 005f6dfa
    Arian van Putten authored
    Fixes #3899
    When cabal new-repl spawns ghci, it spawns this as a subprocess.
    In UNIX like systems, if a CTRL+C is sent to this child process
    it also bubbles up to the parent process, causing it to terminate.
    Also see https://hackage.haskell.org/package/process-
    However, this is not what we want for interactive subprocesses.
    Interactive processes usually define their own handlers for CTRL+C,
    for example GHCi uses CTRL+C to reset the input buffer. So instead
    of terminating on CTRL+C we want to delegate CTRL+C to GHCi
    and let it do its thing.
    Luckily, we can enable CTRL+C delegation such that the parent
    process ignores the CTRL+C and instead delegates it to the
    child process.
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