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    Better message when new cabal-install available · 12c1cfb7
    Keshav Kini authored
    A common mistake new users of cabal-install seem to make is to run
    `cabal update`, see the message "Note: there is a new version of
    cabal-install available.", accordingly install a new version of
    cabal-install by doing `cabal install cabal-install`, neglect to make
    sure that the newly installed cabal-install executable is in their path,
    and continue to run the cabal-install executable they had before.  The
    next time they do `cabal update`, they see the same message and become
    This commit changes the message in question to be more informative and
    helpful.  In particular, if the currently running version of
    cabal-install is older than the newest version available from hackage,
    the user will not be told simply that "there is a new version of
    cabal-install available", but rather will be informed exactly what new
    versions are available, and what version they are currently running,
    along with a hint to change their $PATH variable if it turns out they're
    not running the version of cabal-install they thought they were.