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    Docs: added cabal domain for sphinx · 418a82f0
    Leonid Onokhov authored
    It features simple `pkg-section` directive for marking sections for
    which subsequent `pkg-field` fields are defined. Needed to disambiguate
    fields such as `type` or `main-is`.
    Converted most of `developing-packages.rst` to use new directives
    Future work:
    * Add directives for describing project.local, make it reference
      relevant cabal arguments
    * Add more meta, like since or deprecated which can be rendered in link
      titles and index.
    * Add "quick reference" indices for cabal args, package.cabal and
     project.local fields. Reference these from sidebar.
    * Using "since" and "deprectated field it is possible to create "what's
      new" index
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