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    testsuite: Refactor withShorterPathForNewBuildStore · 2a2d0b30
    Matthew Pickering authored and Rodrigo Mesquita's avatar Rodrigo Mesquita committed
    This makes `withShorterPathForNewBuildStore` fit more nicely into the
    rest of the testing infrastructure.
    * Move `withShorterPathForNewBuildStore` to `TestM` monad
    * Move responsibility for passing `--store-dir` to `cabalGArgs` function
    * Move `findDependencyInStore` into `TestM`, and remove requirement to
      pass path to store directory.
    * Introduce `testStoreDir` function which returns the store location
      (and honours `withShorterPathForNewBuildStore`)
    * Migrate tests which use `withShorterPathForNewBuildStore`.