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    Change rep of module re-exports, and do resolution ourselves · a3d3273a
    Duncan Coutts authored
    The initial support for module re-exports relied on ghc-pkg to resolve
    user-specified re-exports to references to specific installed packages.
    This resolution is something that can fail so it's better for Cabal to
    do it during the package configure phase.
    In addition, it is inconvenient in ghc-pkg to be doing this resolution,
    and it just seems fishy as a design. Also, the same ModuleExport type
    was being used both for user-specified source re-exports and also for
    the specific re-exports in the package db.
    This patch splits the type into two: one for source level, and one for
    resolved ones for use in the package db. The configure phase resolves
    one to the other.
    One minor change: it is now possible to re-export a module defined in
    the same package that is not itself exported (ie it's in other-modules,
    rather than exposed-modules). Previously for modules definied in the
    same package they had to be themselves exported. Of course for
    re-exports from other packages they have to be exposed.