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    Backwards compatibility patch for cross-compilation changes. · b57b1158
    Mikhail Glushenkov authored
    Changes back the types of 'configCompiler' and 'configCompilerEx', but marks
    them as deprecated. Adds new functions 'configCompilerEx' and
    The remaining functions that changed type after the cross-compilation changes
    shouldn't matter from the backwards compatibility standpoint:
        * InstallDirs.{absoluteInstallDirs, prefixRelativeInstallDirs,
          initialPathTemplateEnv} - the versions in D.S.LocalBuildInfo retain their
          old types and are usually used instead. In any case, removing the Platform
          parameter from here is problematic because the default install dirs now
          include $arch and $os vars.
        * D.S.Configure.configure - shouldn't be used by the setup scripts.
    See #1214 for the original (backwards-incompatible) patches.