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    Huge wad of changes from GHC team · d84d3728
    Simon Marlow authored
    - Rename Compat.* modules to Distribution.Compat.*
    - Add {-# OPTIONS -cpp #-} to a few modules
    - Distribution.Compat.ReadP: use real ReadP in GHC 6.3+
    - new module: Distribution.Extension, contains Extension type
      formerly from Distribution.Misc.
    - new module: Distribution.License, contains License type
      formerly from Distribution.Misc.
    - remove Distribution.Misc
    - new module: Distribution.ParseUtils, containing various parsing utilities
      formerly from Distribution.Package, that are re-used in 
    - new module: Distribution.PackageDescription contains everything related
      to PackageDescription, which was formerly in Distribution.Package.
    - Distribution.Package now contains only PackageId-related stuff.
    - Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo: update for use in GHC, add
    - Compat.H98 is now Distribution.Compat.Error (it contained only stuff
      related to the Error monad, which isn't H98 anyway).
    - remove imports of H98 libs (use hierarchical ones instead)
    - configure now detects the GHC version (but doesn't do anything with it... yet)