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    Make newly-added add-source deps override previously installed versions. · e8742a5c
    Mikhail Glushenkov authored
    Fixes #1197.
    This patch is a bit large because it includes several related changes:
    1) Remove 'installUseSandbox' from 'InstallFlags' and pass 'useSandbox' as an
    additional argument instead.
    2) Instead of calling 'reinstallAddSourceDeps' from 'installAction', always pass
    'SandboxPackageInfo' to 'install'.
    3) Set the timestamps of newly-added add-source deps to 0 in the timestamp file.
    4) Move the timestamp file update to 'postInstallActions' from
    'withModifiedDeps'. This way, the timestamps are updated even when the user runs
    'install --only-dependencies' or 'install some-add-source-dep-package-id'.