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Document cabal install --constraint.

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......@@ -755,6 +755,16 @@ be controlled with the following command line options.
It's also possible to enable `--allow-newer` permanently by setting
`allow-newer: True` in the `~/.cabal/config` file.
: Restrict solutions involving a package to a given version range.
For example, `cabal install --constraint="bar==2.1"` will only consider
install plans that do not use `bar` at all, or `bar` of version 2.1.
As a special case, `cabal install --constraint="bar -none"` prevents
`bar` from being used at all. (`-none` abbreviates `> 1 && < 1`)
`cabal install --constraint="bar installed"` prevents reinstallation
of the `bar` package.
## setup build ##
Perform any preprocessing or compilation needed to make this package ready for installation.
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