Commit 0cdff42e authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov
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Create a package DB for the default compiler in 'sandbox init'.

Fixes #1450.
parent 5d35566c
......@@ -293,26 +293,28 @@ sandboxInit verbosity sandboxFlags globalFlags = do
-- Determine which compiler to use (using the value from ~/.cabal/config).
userConfig <- loadConfig verbosity (globalConfigFile globalFlags) NoFlag
(comp, platform, _) <- configCompilerAuxEx (savedConfigureFlags userConfig)
(comp, platform, conf) <- configCompilerAuxEx (savedConfigureFlags userConfig)
-- Create the package environment file.
pkgEnvFile <- getSandboxConfigFilePath globalFlags
createPackageEnvironmentFile verbosity sandboxDir pkgEnvFile
NoComments comp platform
(_, pkgEnv) <- tryLoadSandboxConfig verbosity globalFlags
(_sandboxDir, pkgEnv) <- tryLoadSandboxConfig verbosity globalFlags
let config = pkgEnvSavedConfig pkgEnv
configFlags = savedConfigureFlags config
-- Create the index file if it doesn't exist.
indexFile <- tryGetIndexFilePath (pkgEnvSavedConfig pkgEnv)
indexFile <- tryGetIndexFilePath config
indexFileExists <- doesFileExist indexFile
if indexFileExists
then notice verbosity $ "Using an existing sandbox located at " ++ sandboxDir
else notice verbosity $ "Creating a new sandbox at " ++ sandboxDir
Index.createEmpty verbosity indexFile
-- We don't create the package DB for the default compiler here: it's created
-- by demand in 'install' and 'configure'. This way, if you run 'sandbox init'
-- and then 'configure -w /path/to/nondefault-ghc', you'll end up with a
-- package DB for only one compiler instead of two.
-- Create the package DB for the default compiler.
initPackageDBIfNeeded verbosity configFlags comp conf
maybeAddCompilerTimestampRecord verbosity sandboxDir indexFile
(compilerId comp) platform
-- | Entry point for the 'cabal sandbox-delete' command.
sandboxDelete :: Verbosity -> SandboxFlags -> GlobalFlags -> IO ()
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