Commit 12b35902 authored by ijones's avatar ijones
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implemented ranlib execution during installation

This is necessary in Mac OS X and on Solaris.

It is possible that this might cause problems for systems that use
setup copy to build and then use cp to install files, since the
library modification time will change.  I think this is only the case
on Mac OS X and Solaris.
parent 15d5c1e0
......@@ -66,12 +66,14 @@ import Distribution.PackageDescription (
import Distribution.Package (showPackageId, PackageIdentifier(pkgName))
import Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo(LocalBuildInfo(..))
import Distribution.Simple.Utils(smartCopySources, copyFileVerbose, mkLibName, die)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils(smartCopySources, copyFileVerbose, mkLibName,
die, rawSystemVerbose)
import Distribution.Setup (CompilerFlavor(..), Compiler(..))
import Control.Monad(when)
import Data.Maybe(fromMaybe)
import Distribution.Compat.Directory(createDirectoryIfMissing,removeDirectoryRecursive)
import Distribution.Compat.Directory(createDirectoryIfMissing, removeDirectoryRecursive,
import Distribution.Compat.FilePath(joinFileName, dllExtension,
splitFileExt, joinFileExt)
import System.IO.Error(try)
......@@ -118,7 +120,21 @@ installLibGHC :: Int -- ^verbose
installLibGHC verbose pref buildPref pd@PackageDescription{library=Just l,
= do smartCopySources verbose (buildPref `joinFileName` (hsSourceDir $ libBuildInfo l)) pref (libModules pd) ["hi"] True
copyFileVerbose verbose (mkLibName buildPref (showPackageId p)) (mkLibName pref (showPackageId p))
let libTargetLoc = mkLibName pref (showPackageId p)
copyFileVerbose verbose (mkLibName buildPref (showPackageId p)) libTargetLoc
-- use ranlib or ar -s to build an index. this is necessary
-- on some systems like MacOS X. If we can't find those,
-- don't worry too much about it.
mRanlibLoc <- findExecutable "ranlib"
case mRanlibLoc of
Just ranLibLoc -> rawSystemVerbose verbose "ranlib" [libTargetLoc] >> return ()
Nothing -> do mArLoc <- findExecutable "ar"
case mArLoc of
Nothing -> setupMessage "Warning: Unable to generate index for library (missing ranlib and ar)" pd
Just arLoc -> rawSystemVerbose verbose
"ar" ["-s", libTargetLoc] >> return ()
installLibGHC _ _ _ PackageDescription{library=Nothing}
= die $ "Internal Error. installLibGHC called with no library."
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