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Add Verbose-level logging of the haddock response-file

contents. Prior to the response file code, all of these
details of the command line for haddock would have been
logged (with level == Verbose), so this corrects an oversight
and brings the information in the logging back to what it
used to be for cabal's haddock invocations.

* Cabal/Distribution/Simple/Haddock.hs
  * Restore the logging of the entire command line used when
    invoking haddock to what it used to be prior to adding
    the response-file creation.
parent 6e2d243d
......@@ -469,8 +469,13 @@ renderArgs verbosity tmpFileOpts version comp platform args k = do
withTempFileEx tmpFileOpts outputDir "haddock-response.txt" $
\responseFileName hf -> do
when haddockSupportsUTF8 (hSetEncoding hf utf8)
hPutStr hf $ unlines $ map escapeArg renderedArgs
let responseContents =
unlines $ map escapeArg renderedArgs
hPutStr hf responseContents
hClose hf
info verbosity $ responseFileName ++ " contents: <<<"
info verbosity responseContents
info verbosity $ ">>> " ++ responseFileName
let respFile = "@" ++ responseFileName
k ([respFile], result)
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