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haddock: run unlit before cpp, like ghc does.

parent eccb210c
......@@ -274,15 +274,19 @@ haddock pkg_descr lbi suffixes flags = do
let targetDir = pref </> filePref
let targetFile = targetDir </> fileName
let (targetFileNoext, targetFileExt) = splitExtension targetFile
let cppOutput = targetFileNoext <.> "hspp"
let hsFile = targetFileNoext <.> "hs"
createDirectoryIfMissingVerbose verbosity True targetDir
if needsCpp bi
then runSimplePreProcessor (ppCpp' inputArgs bi lbi)
file targetFile verbosity
else copyFile file targetFile
when (targetFileExt == ".lhs") $ do
runSimplePreProcessor ppUnlit
targetFile (targetFileNoext <.> "hs") verbosity
return ()
-- Run unlit first, then CPP
if (targetFileExt == ".lhs")
then runSimplePreProcessor ppUnlit file hsFile verbosity
else copyFile file hsFile
when (needsCpp bi) $ do
runSimplePreProcessor (ppCpp' inputArgs bi lbi)
hsFile cppOutput verbosity
removeFile hsFile
copyFile cppOutput hsFile
removeFile cppOutput
needsCpp :: BuildInfo -> Bool
needsCpp bi = CPP `elem` extensions bi
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