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Verbosity fixes.

parent 652fc8e3
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ fetchPackage :: ConfigFlags -> PkgInfo -> IO String
fetchPackage cfg pkg
= do fetched <- isFetched cfg pkg
if fetched
then do printf "'%s' is present.\n" (showPackageId (pkgInfoId pkg))
then do printf "'%s' is cached.\n" (showPackageId (pkgInfoId pkg))
return (packageFile cfg pkg)
else do printf "Downloading '%s'...\n" (showPackageId (pkgInfoId pkg))
downloadPackage cfg pkg
......@@ -150,15 +150,9 @@ installUnpackedPkg :: ConfigFlags -> Compiler
-> Maybe FilePath -- ^ Directory to change to before starting the installation.
-> IO ()
installUnpackedPkg cfg comp globalArgs pkgId opts mpath
= do printf "Building '%s'\n" (showPackageId pkgId)
printf " Configuring...\n"
setup "configure"
printf " Building...\n"
= do setup "configure"
setup "build"
printf " Installing...\n"
setup "install"
printf " Done.\n"
return ()
setup cmd
= do let cmdOps = mkPkgOps cfg comp pkgId cmd (globalArgs++opts)
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