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Merge pull request #4033 from ezyang/pr/T4025

Don't use installedPkgs for internal library library dirs.
parents 2681137f a1107e21
......@@ -271,6 +271,9 @@ extra-source-files:
......@@ -268,13 +268,23 @@ depLibraryPaths inplace relative lbi clbi = do
| inplace = componentBuildDir lbi sub_clbi
| otherwise = dynlibdir (absoluteComponentInstallDirs pkgDescr lbi (componentUnitId sub_clbi) NoCopyDest)
let ipkgs = allPackages (installedPkgs lbi)
-- Why do we go through all the trouble of a hand-crafting
-- internalLibs, when 'installedPkgs' actually contains the
-- internal libraries? The trouble is that 'installedPkgs'
-- may contain *inplace* entries, which we must NOT use for
-- not inplace 'depLibraryPaths' (e.g., for RPATH calculation).
-- See #4025 for more details. This is all horrible but it
-- is a moot point if you are using a per-component build,
-- because you never have any internal libraries in this case;
-- they're all external.
let external_ipkgs = filter is_external (allPackages (installedPkgs lbi))
is_external ipkg = not (installedUnitId ipkg `elem` internalDeps)
-- First look for dynamic libraries in `dynamic-library-dirs`, and use
-- `library-dirs` as a fall back.
getDynDir pkg = case Installed.libraryDynDirs pkg of
[] -> Installed.libraryDirs pkg
d -> d
allDepLibDirs = concatMap getDynDir ipkgs
allDepLibDirs = concatMap getDynDir external_ipkgs
allDepLibDirs' = internalLibs ++ allDepLibDirs
allDepLibDirsC <- traverse canonicalizePathNoFail allDepLibDirs'
module A where
{-# NOINLINE a #-}
a :: Int
a = 23
name: T4025
version: 1.0
build-type: Simple
cabal-version: >= 1.10
build-depends: base
exposed-modules: A
executable exe
build-depends: T4025, base
hs-source-dirs: exe
main-is: Main.hs
......@@ -547,6 +547,19 @@ tests config = do
-- Test that we pick up include dirs from internal library
tc "Regression/T2971a" $ cabal_build []
-- Test that we don't accidentally add the inplace directory to
-- an executable RPATH. Don't test on Windows, which doesn't
-- support RPATH.
unlessWindows $ do
tc "Regression/T4025" $ do
cabal "configure" ["--enable-executable-dynamic"]
cabal "build" []
-- This should fail as it we should NOT be able to find the
-- dynamic library for the internal library (since we didn't
-- install it). If we incorrectly encoded our local dist
-- dir in the RPATH, this will succeed.
shouldFail $ runExe' "exe" []
-- Test error message we report when a non-buildable target is
-- requested to be built
-- TODO: We can give a better error message here, see #3858.
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