Commit 402ebb84 authored by quasicomputational's avatar quasicomputational Committed by Mikhail Glushenkov

outdated: mention 'since 2.4' in --proejct-file docs

Also improve the wording slightly about the `--new-freeze-file`

[skip ci]
parent f0033a09
......@@ -1338,11 +1338,13 @@ The following flags are supported by the ``outdated`` command:
(by default, ``cabal.project.freeze``) instead of the package
description file.
``--project-file`` *PROJECTFILE*
:since: 2.4
Read dependendency version bounds from the new-style freeze file
related to the named project file (i.e., ``$PROJECTFILE.freeze``)
instead of the package desctription file. If multiple ``--project-file``
flags are provided, only the final one is considered. This flag
must be passed in conjunction with ``--new-freeze-file``.
must only be passed in when ``--new-freeze-file`` is present.
Print only the names of outdated dependencies, one per line.
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