Commit 48a1ed21 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts Committed by Edward Z. Yang
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Add a comment about what the pkgConfigCompilerProgs is for

parent dd2da8de
......@@ -92,11 +92,13 @@ data ElaboratedSharedConfig
pkgConfigPlatform :: Platform,
pkgConfigCompiler :: Compiler, --TODO: [code cleanup] replace with CompilerInfo
pkgConfigCompilerProgs :: ProgramDb --TODO: [code cleanup] no Eq instance
--TODO: [code cleanup] binary instance does not preserve the prog paths
-- perhaps should keep the configured progs separately
-- | The programs that the compiler configured (e.g. for GHC, the progs
-- ghc & ghc-pkg). Once constructed, only the 'configuredPrograms' are
-- used.
pkgConfigCompilerProgs :: ProgramDb
deriving (Show, Generic)
--TODO: [code cleanup] no Eq instance
instance Binary ElaboratedSharedConfig
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