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Tweak a message.

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......@@ -429,9 +429,10 @@ sandboxDeleteSource verbosity buildTreeRefs _sandboxFlags globalFlags = do
withRemoveTimestamps sandboxDir $ do
Index.removeBuildTreeRefs verbosity indexFile buildTreeRefs
notice verbosity $ "Note: 'sandbox delete-source' only deletes the" ++
"add-source record, but does not unregister the package " ++
"from the package DB.\n\nUse 'sandbox hc-pkg -- unregister' to do that."
notice verbosity $ "Note: 'sandbox delete-source' only unregisters the " ++
"source dependency, but does not remove the package " ++
"from the sandbox package DB.\n\n" ++
"Use 'sandbox hc-pkg -- unregister' to do that."
-- | Entry point for the 'cabal sandbox list-sources' command.
sandboxListSources :: Verbosity -> SandboxFlags -> GlobalFlags
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