Commit 661db40f authored by John Ericson's avatar John Ericson
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In project planning filter out rather than blow up on non-exe components

mapDeps gives us all components, not just all exes components, so we need
to handle that. I'm feeling a bit guilty for the prior partiality, so added
some more explanatory comments too :).
parent eda30d31
......@@ -1365,20 +1365,27 @@ elaborateInstallPlan verbosity platform compiler compilerprogdb pkgConfigDB
exeMap :: Map PackageName (Set UnqualComponentName)
exeMap = Map.fromListWith mappend exeKV
go (InstallPlan.Installed _) = error "unexpected state"
go (InstallPlan.Installed _) = unexpectedState
go (InstallPlan.PreExisting _) = True
go (InstallPlan.Configured (ElaboratedConfiguredPackage {
elabPkgSourceId = PackageIdentifier { pkgName, .. },
})) = case elabPkgOrComp of
-- If we can only build the whole package or none of it, then we have
-- no choice and must build it all.
ElabPackage _ -> True
-- If we can build specific components, lets just build the ones we
-- actually need.
ElabComponent comp' ->
case Ty.compSolverName comp' of
CD.ComponentExe n
| Just set <- Map.lookup pkgName exeMap
-> Set.member n set
_ -> error "unexpected state"
CD.ComponentExe n -> case Map.lookup pkgName exeMap of
Just set -> Set.member n set
-- We may get unwanted components, but they should be from
-- packages we at least depended on.
Nothing -> unexpectedState
-- If it's not an exe component, it won't satisfy an exe dep
_ -> False
elaborateLibSolverId' :: (SolverId -> [ElaboratedPlanPackage])
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