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Changelog update.

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1.21.x (current development version)
* Support the new BinaryLiterals extension
* Warn about 'ghc-prof-options: -auto-all' in 'cabal check' (#2162).
* Preliminary support for multiple instances of the same package
version installed side-by-side (#2002).
* New binary build config format - faster build times (#2076).
* Support module thinning and renaming (#2038).
* Add a new license type: UnspecifiedLicense (#2141).
* Remove support for Hugs and nhc98 (#2168).
* Invoke 'tar' with '--formar ustar' if possible in 'sdist' (#1903).
* Replace --enable-library-coverage with --enable-coverage, which
enables program coverage for all components.
enables program coverage for all components (#1945).
* Suggest that `ExitFailure 9` is probably due to memory
exhaustion (#1522).
* Drop support for Haddock < 2.0 (#1808, #1718).
* Make 'cabal test'/'cabal bench' build only what's needed for
running tests/benchmarks (#1821). Johan Tibell <> May 2014
* Fix streaming test output.
1.21.x (current development version)
* Implement 'cabal repl --only' (#2016).
* Fix an issue when 'cabal repl' was doing unnecessary compilation
* Prompt the user to specify source directory in 'cabal init'
* Remove the self-upgrade check (#2090).
* Don't redownload already downloaded packages when bootstrapping
* Support sandboxes in '' (#2137).
* Install profiling and shared libs by default in ''
(#2009). Johan Tibell <> June 2014
* Don't attempt to rename dist if it is already named correctly
* Treat all flags of a package as interdependent.
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