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Add new-run docs

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......@@ -17,6 +17,12 @@ To open a GHCi shell with this package, use this command:
$ cabal new-repl
To run an executable defined in this package, use this command:
$ cabal new-run <executable name> [executable args]
Developing multiple packages
......@@ -343,6 +349,26 @@ Currently, it is not supported to pass multiple targets to ``new-repl``
(``new-repl`` will just successively open a separate GHCi session for
each target.)
cabal new-run
``cabal new-run [TARGET [ARGS]]`` runs the executable specified by the
target, which can be a component, a package or can be left blank, as
long as it can uniquely identify an executable within the project.
See new-build for the target syntax.
Except in the case of the empty target, the strings after it will be
passed to the executable as arguments.
If one of the arguments starts with ``-`` it will be interpreted as
a cabal flag, so if you need to pass flags to the executable you
have to separate them with ``--``.
$ cabal new-run target -- -a -bcd --argument
cabal new-freeze
......@@ -382,10 +408,6 @@ The following commands are not currently supported:
Workaround: run the benchmark executable directly (see `Where are my
build products <#where-are-my-build-products>`__?)
``cabal new-run`` (:issue:`3638`)
Workaround: run the executable directly (see `Where are my build
products <#where-are-my-build-products>`__?)
``cabal new-exec``
Workaround: if you wanted to execute GHCi, consider using
``cabal new-repl`` instead. Otherwise, use ``-v`` to find the list
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