Commit 880cc56a authored by Francesco Gazzetta's avatar Francesco Gazzetta Committed by GitHub

Fix now incorrect new-test example

[ci skip]

`new-test` _is_ implemented now. `new-install` isn't.
parent 1cdc546b
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ A major deficiency in the current implementation of new-build is that
there is no programmatic way to access the location of build products.
The location of the build products is intended to be an internal
implementation detail of new-build, but we also understand that many
unimplemented features (e.g., ``new-test``) can only be reasonably
unimplemented features (e.g., ``new-install``) can only be reasonably
worked around by accessing build products directly.
The location where build products can be found varies depending on the
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