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comments for the Program module

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{-# OPTIONS -cpp #-}
-- |
-- Module : Distribution.Program
-- Copyright : Isaac Jones 2006
-- Maintainer : Isaac Jones <>
-- Stability : alpha
-- Portability : GHC, Hugs
-- Explanation: A program is basically a name, a location, and some
-- arguments.
-- One nice thing about using it is that any program that is
-- registered with Cabal will get some \"configure\" and \".cabal\"
-- helpers like --with-foo-args --foo-path= and extra-foo-args.
-- There's also good default behavior for trying to find \"foo\" in
-- PATH, being able to override its location, etc.
-- There's also a hook for adding programs in a Setup.lhs script. See
-- hookedPrograms in 'Distribution.Simple.UserHooks'. This gives a
-- hook user the ability to get the above flags and such so that they
-- don't have to write all the PATH logic inside Setup.lhs.
module Distribution.Program( Program(..)
, ProgramLocation(..)
, ProgramConfiguration(..)
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