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More detailed docs for the PACKAGETESTS flags.

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......@@ -21,11 +21,20 @@ the following environment variables:
* `CABAL_PACKAGETESTS_GHC_PKG` is the path to the ghc-pkg associated with this GHC
* `CABAL_PACKAGETESTS_HADDOCK` is the path to the haddock associated with this GHC
* `CABAL_PACKAGETESTS_GHC_VERSION` is the version of your GHC
* `CABAL_PACKAGETESTS_WITH_GHC` is the path for the GHC you want to have
Cabal use when running tests; i.e., you can change this to a different
version of GHC to see how Cabal handles that version.
* `CABAL_PACKAGETESTS_DB_STACK` is a PATH-style list of package database paths,
`clear`, `global` and `user`. Each component of the list is
interpreted the same way as Cabal's `-package-db` flag. This list
must contain the copy of Cabal you are planning to test against
(as well as its transitive dependencies).
(as well as its transitive dependencies). A simple choice
is "clear:global" but you may also need to add another entry
for the local database that your development copy of Cabal
is being registered into; usually dist/package.conf.inplace
(if you are using old fashioned 'cabal configure; cabal build')
or dist-newstyle/packagedb/ghc-VERSION (if you are using
'cabal new-build')
If you can successfully run the test suite, we'll print out examples
of all of these values for you under "Environment".
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