Commit a9609ee0 authored by quasicomputational's avatar quasicomputational Committed by Alexis Williams
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Make sure that all failure paths in new-sdist are tested

This one wasn't actually testing what it said it was testing. Oops.
parent 1923b4a8
# cabal new-sdist
cabal: The package a-test cannot be packaged for distribution, because it is not local to this project.
cabal: The component test suite 'a-tests' cannot be packaged for distribution on its own. Only entire packages may be packaged for distribution.
import Test.Cabal.Prelude
main = cabalTest $ withSourceCopy $ do
cwd <- fmap testCurrentDir getTestEnv
fails $ cabal "new-sdist" ["a", "b", "a-test"]
fails $ cabal "new-sdist" ["a", "b", "a-tests"]
shouldNotExist $ cwd </> "dist-newstyle/sdist/a-0.1.tar.gz"
shouldNotExist $ cwd </> "dist-newstyle/sdist/b-0.1.tar.gz"
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