Commit ca898191 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Minor fixup for computeComputeId.

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent ceb95b6f
......@@ -1415,12 +1415,15 @@ installUnpackedPackage verbosity buildLimit installLock numJobs
++ " with the latest revision from the index."
writeFileAtomic descFilePath pkgtxt
-- Compute the IPID
-- Compute the IPID of the *library*
let flags (ReadyPackage cpkg _) = confPkgFlags cpkg
pkg_name = pkgName (PackageDescription.package pkg)
cid = Configure.computeComponentId Cabal.NoFlag
(PackageDescription.package pkg) (CLibName (display pkg_name))
(map (\(SimpleUnitId cid0) -> cid0) (CD.libraryDeps (depends rpkg))) (flags rpkg)
cid = Configure.computeComponentId
Cabal.NoFlag -- This would let us override the computation
(PackageDescription.package pkg)
(CLibName (display pkg_name))
(map (\(SimpleUnitId cid0) -> cid0) (CD.libraryDeps (depends rpkg)))
(flags rpkg)
ipid = SimpleUnitId cid
-- Make sure that we pass --libsubdir etc to 'setup configure' (necessary if
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