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Changelog update.

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registered in the source package index (#2436).
* New 'cabal install' option: '--offline' (#2578).
* Accept 'builddir' field in cabal.config (#2484)
* Read 'builddir' option from 'CABAL_BUILDDIR' environment variable
* Remote repos may now be configured to use https URLs
* Read 'builddir' option from 'CABAL_BUILDDIR' environment variable.
* Remote repos may now be configured to use https URLs. This uses
either curl or wget or, on Windows, PowerShell, under the hood (#2687).
* Install target URLs can now use https
e.g. cabal install
e.g. 'cabal install'.
* Automatically use https for cabal upload for the main (other repos will use whatever they are
configured to use)
configured to use).
* Support for dependencies of custom Setup.hs scripts. Johan Tibell <> January 2015
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