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Changelog entries for convenience libraries.

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1.25.x.x (current development version)
* Dropped support for versions of GHC earlier than 6.12 (#3111).
* Convenience/internal libraries are now supported (#269).
An internal library is declared using the stanza "library
* Backwards incompatible change to preprocessor interface:
the function in 'PPSuffixHandler' now takes an additional
'ComponentLocalBuildInfo' specifying the build information
of the component being preprocessed.
* Backwards incompatible change to 'cabal_macros.h' (#1893): we now
generate a macro file for each component which contains only
information about the direct dependencies of that component.
Consequently, 'dist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h' contains
only the macros for the library, and is not generated if a
package has no library; to find the macros for an executable
named 'foobar', look in 'dist/build/foobar/autogen/cabal_macros.h'. Ryan Thomas <> March 2016
* Support GHC 8.
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