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cleaned up TODO added note RE install target

parent f976a293
......@@ -72,7 +72,9 @@ install buildPref pkg_descr lbi install_prefixM = do
let pref = (maybe (prefix lbi) id install_prefixM) ++
pathSeperatorStr ++ "lib" ++ pathSeperatorStr ++ (showPackageId $ package pkg_descr)
setupMessage "Installing" pkg_descr
-- FIX: For hugs only
moveSources "" pref (allModules pkg_descr) (mainModules pkg_descr) ["lhs", "hs"]
-- FIX: for GHC and NHC only
moveSources buildPref pref (allModules pkg_descr) (mainModules pkg_descr) ["hi"]
moveSources buildPref pref (allModules pkg_descr) (mainModules pkg_descr) ["o"]
system $ "cp " ++ mkLibName buildPref (showPackageId (package pkg_descr))
* euroHaskell
* misc
** setup test suite to run on --push?
** Possibly create a (native?) zib library?
** port code to windows
......@@ -6,11 +6,13 @@
** ./Setup.lhs build for nhc
** nhc-pkg (see old package manager code)
** hugs-pkg
** make -Wall clean
** better command-line parsing interface
** ./Setup.lhs bdist
* Code
** FIX: install currently moves .hs, .hi, and .o files for any target.
make it do the right thing for hugs (just move .hs) and {g,n}hc
(move .hi and .o)
** Write top-level Setup test cases (like "make check" under the test directory)
** Extensions -> flags interface
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