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-- |
-- Module : Distribution.License
-- Copyright : Isaac Jones 2003-2004
-- Copyright : Isaac Jones 2003-2005
-- Maintainer : Isaac Jones <>
-- Stability : alpha
-- Portability : portable
-- The License datatype.
-- The License datatype. For more information about these and other
-- open-source licenses, you may visit <>.
-- I am not a lawyer, but as a general guideline, most Haskell
-- software seems to be released under a BSD3 license, which is very
-- open and free. If you don't want to restrict the use of your
-- software or its source code, use BSD3 or PublicDomain.
{- All rights reserved.
......@@ -43,7 +49,20 @@ module Distribution.License (
) where
-- |This datatype indicates the license under which your package is
-- released. It is also wise to add your license to each source file.
-- The "AllRightsReserved" constructor is not actually a license, but
-- states that you are not giving anyone else a license to use or
-- distribute your work. The comments below are general guidelines.
-- Please read the licenses themselves and consult a lawyer if you are
-- unsure of your rights to release the software.
data License = GPL | LGPL | BSD3 | BSD4 | PublicDomain | AllRightsReserved
data License = GPL -- ^GNU Public License. Source code must accompany alterations.
| LGPL -- ^Lesser GPL, Less restrictive than GPL, useful for libraries.
| BSD3 -- ^3-clause BSD license, newer, no advertising clause. Very free license.
| BSD4 -- ^4-clause BSD license, older, with advertising clause.
| PublicDomain -- ^Holder makes no claim to ownership, least restrictive license.
| AllRightsReserved -- ^No rights are granted to others. Undistributable. Most restrictive.
| {- ... | -} OtherLicense FilePath
-- ^Use another license by listing the relative path to your license file.
deriving (Read, Show, Eq)
Name: Cabal
Version: 0.2
License: AllRightsReserved
License: BSD3
build-depends: haskell-src, posix
Extensions: CPP
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