Commit f8d3d141 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts Committed by Edward Z. Yang
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Correct path handling for package dirs in project files

Both relative and absolute paths. That is, things like:

packages: this/
parent a825393b
......@@ -610,8 +610,7 @@ findProjectPackages projectRootDir ProjectConfig{..} = do
case () of
_ | isDir
-> do let dirname = filename -- now we know its a dir
glob = globStarDotCabal pkglocstr
matches <- matchFileGlob projectRootDir glob
matches <- matchFileGlob dirname globStarDotCabal
case matches of
-> return (Right (ProjectPackageLocalDirectory
......@@ -638,12 +637,9 @@ findProjectPackages projectRootDir ProjectConfig{..} = do
&& takeExtension (dropExtension f) == ".tar"
globStarDotCabal :: FilePath -> FilePathGlob
globStarDotCabal :: FilePathGlob
globStarDotCabal =
FilePathGlob FilePathRelative
. foldr (\dirpart -> GlobDir [Literal dirpart])
(GlobFile [WildCard, Literal ".cabal"])
. splitDirectories
FilePathGlob FilePathRelative (GlobFile [WildCard, Literal ".cabal"])
--TODO: [code cleanup] use sufficiently recent transformers package
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