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    Merge win32 extras (#67) · 399d21ab
    Tamar Christina authored
    * Win32: Initial merge
    * Win32: Finish merging Win32.
    * Win32: Merge finally done.
    * Win32: Update includes
    * Win32: Fix build
    * Win32: Define WINVER level.
    * Win32: Define WINVER level again.
    * Win32: GHC compat support.
    * Merge: Finally rebased.
    * Merge: Added GHC compat.
    * Merge: Add compat with layered window.
    * Merge: Compat with AnimateWindow
    * Merge: Compat with Input
    * Merge: Missing structs.
    * Merge: remove attribute
    * Merge: include header more places.
    * Merge: fix remaining issues.
    * More compat changes for mouse.
    * Merge: Missing mouse defines.
    * Merge: So random..
    * Merge: such a big mess..
    * Merge: such a big mess..
    * Merge: such a big mess..
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