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    Overhall System.Process · 9c553822
    Simon Marlow authored
     - fix #1780: pipes created by runInteractiveProcess are set
       close-on-exec by default
     - add a new, more general, form of process creation: createProcess
       Each of stdin, stdout and stderr may individually be taken
       from existing Handles or attached to new pipes.  Also it
       has a nicer API (as discussed on
     - add readProcess / readProcessWithExitCode, originally from Don
       Stewart's newpopen package.  These functions behave like C's
     - Move System.Cmd.{system,rawSystem} into System.Process.  Later
       we can depecate System.Cmd.
     - Don't use O_NONBLOCK for pipes, as it can confuse the process
       attached to the pipe (requires a fix to GHC.Handle in the base
     - Provide a way to close all the file descriptors in the new
       process (see #1415)
     - add a couple more tests for the new features
     - bump the version to 2.0