Commit e47bbdf5 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-04-25 13:25:08 by simonmar]

Only ftruncate() regular files.
parent e225c624
......@@ -813,15 +813,21 @@ openFile' filepath mode binary =
throwErrnoIfMinus1Retry "openFile"
(c_open f (fromIntegral oflags) 0o666)
h <- openFd fd Nothing False filepath mode binary
fd_type <- fdType fd
h <- openFd fd (Just fd_type) False filepath mode binary
`catchException` \e -> do c_close (fromIntegral fd); throw e
-- NB. don't forget to close the FD if openFd fails, otherwise
-- this FD leaks.
-- ASSERT: if we just created the file, then openFd won't fail
-- (so we don't need to worry about removing the newly created file
-- in the event of an error).
#ifndef mingw32_HOST_OS
if mode == WriteMode
-- we want to truncate() if this is an open in WriteMode, but only
-- if the target is a RegularFile. ftruncate() fails on special files
-- like /dev/null.
if mode == WriteMode && fd_type == RegularFile
then throwErrnoIf (/=0) "openFile"
(c_ftruncate (fromIntegral fd) 0)
else return 0
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