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Make `decodeUtf8With` fail explicitly for non-BMP repl-chars

This is long-standing issue's existence goes back to `text-0.10`.

This commit is a short-term stop-gap measure turning unsafe undefined
behaviour into an explicit `error` exception (and thus fail
non-silently) which given the longevity of this issue seems to be a
sensible course of action. This commit includes a lengthy source code
comment explaining the issue as well as potential strategies for
future work on maximising the definedness of `decodeUtf8With`,
i.e. support the full range of replacement-characters. This future
work which will be tracked by gh-213.
parent a02c2daf
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ import Control.Monad.ST.Unsafe (unsafeIOToST, unsafeSTToIO)
import Control.Monad.ST (unsafeIOToST, unsafeSTToIO)
import Control.Exception (evaluate, try)
import Control.Exception (evaluate, try, throwIO, ErrorCall(ErrorCall))
import Control.Monad.ST (runST)
import Data.Bits ((.&.))
import Data.ByteString as B
......@@ -131,6 +131,13 @@ decodeLatin1 (PS fp off len) = text a 0 len
return dest
-- | Decode a 'ByteString' containing UTF-8 encoded text.
-- __NOTE__: The replacement character returned by 'OnDecodeError'
-- MUST be within the BMP plane; surrogate code points will
-- automatically be remapped to the replacement char @U+FFFD@
-- (/since, whereas code points beyond the BMP will throw an
-- 'error' (/since; For earlier versions of @text@ using
-- those unsupported code points would result in undefined behavior.
decodeUtf8With :: OnDecodeError -> ByteString -> Text
decodeUtf8With onErr (PS fp off len) = runText $ \done -> do
let go dest = withForeignPtr fp $ \ptr ->
......@@ -146,16 +153,52 @@ decodeUtf8With onErr (PS fp off len) = runText $ \done -> do
x <- peek curPtr'
case onErr desc (Just x) of
Nothing -> loop $ curPtr' `plusPtr` 1
Just c -> do
destOff <- peek destOffPtr
w <- unsafeSTToIO $
unsafeWrite dest (fromIntegral destOff) (safe c)
poke destOffPtr (destOff + fromIntegral w)
loop $ curPtr' `plusPtr` 1
Just c
| c > '\xFFFF' -> throwUnsupportedReplChar
| otherwise -> do
destOff <- peek destOffPtr
w <- unsafeSTToIO $
unsafeWrite dest (fromIntegral destOff)
(safe c)
poke destOffPtr (destOff + fromIntegral w)
loop $ curPtr' `plusPtr` 1
loop (ptr `plusPtr` off)
(unsafeIOToST . go) =<< len
desc = "Data.Text.Internal.Encoding.decodeUtf8: Invalid UTF-8 stream"
throwUnsupportedReplChar = throwIO $
ErrorCall "decodeUtf8With: non-BMP replacement characters not supported"
-- TODO: The code currently assumes that the transcoded UTF-16
-- stream is at most twice as long (in bytes) as the input UTF-8
-- stream. To justify this assumption one has to assume that the
-- error handler replacement character also satisfies this
-- invariant, by emitting at most one UTF16 code unit.
-- One easy way to support the full range of code-points for
-- replacement characters in the error handler is to simply change
-- the (over-)allocation to ` (2*len)` and then shrink back the
-- `ByteArray#` to the real size (recent GHCs have a cheap
-- `ByteArray#` resize-primop for that which allow the GC to reclaim
-- the overallocation). However, this would require 4 times as much
-- (temporary) storage as the original UTF-8 required.
-- Another strategy would be to optimistically assume that
-- replacement characters are within the BMP, and if the case of a
-- non-BMP replacement occurs reallocate the target buffer (or throw
-- an exception, and fallback to a pessimistic codepath, like e.g.
-- `decodeUtf8With onErr bs = F.unstream (E.streamUtf8 onErr bs)`)
-- Alternatively, `OnDecodeError` could become a datastructure which
-- statically encodes the replacement-character range,
-- e.g. something isomorphic to
-- Either (... -> Maybe Word16) (... -> Maybe Char)
-- And allow to statically switch between the BMP/non-BMP
-- replacement-character codepaths. There's multiple ways to address
-- this with different tradeoffs; but ideally we should optimise for
-- the optimistic/error-free case.
{- INLINE[0] decodeUtf8With #-}
-- $stream
### TBD
* Make `decodeUtf8With` fail explicitly for unsupported non-BMP
replacement characters instead silent undefined behaviour (gh-213)
* Spec compliance: `toCaseFold` now follows the Unicode 9.0 spec
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