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Fix #293 Document expressly how installation scripts can be customised

Mike Pilgrem requested to merge mpilgrem/ghcup-hs:fix293 into master

This proposed merge request picks up the suggestion at #293 (closed) that extending the existing documentation may be useful.

The proposed addition does not go into the mechanism (the names of the specific environment variables or the PowerShell parameters) but is more express about in what manner the behaviour of the installation scripts can be changed.

It introduces that important flexibility as the first topic under 'More on installation'.

It explains that the PowerShell script finally (by default) runs the script for Unix-like operating systems (so a Windows user understands better (a) that the environment variables in the former script are applicable to both, and (b) what is meant by the 'final' bootstrap script in the content of the Windows parameters).

It refers to what has gone before, under 'Continuous integration', rather than repeat the added content.

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