Commit 9e8baae2 authored by Julian Ospald's avatar Julian Ospald 🍵

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-requestes/137'

parents 319377fa 71fea145
Pipeline #14565 passed with stage
in 24 minutes and 9 seconds
......@@ -1031,8 +1031,8 @@ mktempdir() {
mktemp_mydistro=$(get_distro_alias "$(get_distro_name)")
if test "${mktemp_mydistro}" = "darwin"; then
debug_message "mktemp -d -t ghcup"
mktemp -d -t ghcup
debug_message "mktemp -d -t ghcup.XXXXXXX"
mktemp -d -t ghcup.XXXXXXX
debug_message "mktemp -d"
mktemp -d
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