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    Add `-W(no-)xxx` aliases for `-f(no-)warn-xxx` flags · 2206fa8c
    quchen authored
    This also updates the user's guide to refer to the `-W`-based warning
    flags by default.
    Quoting the release note entry:
    | Warnings can now be controlled with `-W(no-)...` flags in addition to
    | the old `-f(no-)warn...` ones. This was done as the first part of a
    | rewrite of the warning system to provide better control over warnings,
    | better warning messages, and more common syntax compared to other
    | compilers. The old `-fwarn...`-based warning flags will remain
    | functional for the forseeable future.
    This is part of
    and addresses #11218
    Reviewed By: hvr, bgamari
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1613
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