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[project @ 2004-04-20 15:52:18 by simonmar]

New version of fixIO which does eager blackholing.
parent a5b43a2a
......@@ -375,8 +375,17 @@ hPrint hdl = hPutStrLn hdl . show
-- fixIO
fixIO :: (a -> IO a) -> IO a
fixIO m = stToIO (fixST (ioToST . m))
fixIO :: (a -> IO a) -> IO a
fixIO k = do
ref <- newIORef (throw NonTermination)
ans <- unsafeInterleaveIO (readIORef ref)
result <- k ans
writeIORef ref result
return result
-- NOTE: we do our own explicit black holing here, because GHC's lazy
-- blackholing isn't enough. In an infinite loop, GHC may run the IO
-- computation a few times before it notices the loop, which is wrong.
-- $locking
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