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......@@ -438,31 +438,6 @@ The Foreign Function Interface
single: hs_init
single: hs_exit
.. _infelicities-operator-sections:
Operator sections
The Haskell Report demands that, for infix operators ``%``, the following
identities hold:
(% expr) = \x -> x % expr
(expr %) = \x -> expr % x
However, the second law is violated in the presence of undefined operators,
(%) = error "urk"
(() %) `seq` () -- urk
(\x -> () % x) `seq` () -- OK, result ()
The operator section is treated like function application of an undefined
function, while the lambda form is in WHNF that contains an application of an
undefined function.
.. _haskell-98-2010-undefined:
GHC's interpretation of undefined behaviour in Haskell 98 and Haskell 2010
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