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    [project @ 2005-10-27 01:39:40 by sof] · 2909e6fb
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    [mingw/msys only]
    Undo long-standing workaround for buggy GNU ld's on mingw/msys; i.e.,
    the linker wasn't correctly generating relocatable object files when
    the number of relocs exceeded 2^16. Worked around the issue by
    hackily splitting up the GHCi object file for the larger packages
    ('base', 'ObjectIO' and 'win32') into a handful of object files,
    each with a manageable number of relocs. Tiresome and error-prone
    (but the hack has served us well!)
    This commit imposes a restriction on the 'ld' you use to compile
    up GHC with; it now has to be ld-2.15.x or later (something GHC
    binary dists have shipped with since 6.2.2)
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