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    [project @ 2002-11-13 12:21:08 by simonmar] · 351afa5a
    Simon Marlow authored
    Add support for gcc-style "make bootstrap" which will build the stage
    1, 2 and 3 compilers in the same build tree.
    The idea is to simplify building a stage 2 or 3 compiler (now you only
    need one build tree), and also speed up the build: there's no need to
    compile the libraries more than once, because the stage 1 libraries
    are used for stages 2 & 3.
    In ghc/compiler, the objects and .hi files are now placed in
    subdirectories: ghc/compiler/stage1 has the stage1 objects,
    ghc/compiler/stage2 has the stage2 objects, etc.
    The story from the top-level (fptools) is this:
      make all 	  works as before (i.e. builds ghc (stage 1),
    		  libraries, etc.)
      make stage2     builds the stage 2 compiler
      make stage3     builds the stage 3 compiler
      make bootstrap  does 'make all' followed by 'make stage2'
      make bootstrap3 does 'make all' followed by 'make stage2; make stage3'
    In ghc/compiler, the story is now:
      make all	     works as before (i.e. builds stage 1 only)
      make boot          generate build dirs and dependencies for stage 1
      make boot stage=N  generate build dirs and dependencies for stage N
      make stageN
      make stage=N       builds stage N compiler.  Run it in-place using
    I haven't decided what to do about 'make install' yet, and this still
    needs documenting in the Building Guide.  Also, you still get the same
    $(GhcHcOpts) for each stage.