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    Fix a bug in the recompilation checking logic. · 5c9424bb
    Thomas Schilling authored
    Previously, using target HscNothing resulted in unnessesary
    recompilation because 'upsweep_mod' treated HscInterface specially.
    This patch changes relaxes this.
    When running GHC with debug level 5, 'upsweep_mod' will now also be
    more verbose about what it is doing.
    There is (at least) one possible remaining problem, though: When using
    target 'HscNothing' we generate a fake linkable to signal that we have
    processed a module.  When switching to 'HscInterpreted' this may cause
    objects to not be recompiled.  Switching from HscNothing to
    HscInterpreted is therefore only safe if we unload everything first.
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