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    [project @ 2002-11-20 12:34:43 by chak] · 686d64b4 authored
    - We are forcing importing THSyntax.Q at every top splice now; this suffices
      to get simple splices that do not involve reifyDecl or declaration
      quasi-quotes to work.  NB: This worked already when the construction of the
      Dec term and the splice were in separated modules, but not when they are in
      the same (see the regression test "TH_spliceDecl1.hs").
    - The tests "TH_spliceDecl2.hs" and "TH_spliceDecl3.hs" use toplevel splices
      together with quasi-quoted and reifyDecl.  These currently still fail, as
      importing of some of the required type constructors from THSyntax isn't