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    testsuite: Fix a variety of issues when building with integer-simple · 99378207
    Ben Gamari authored
     * Mark arith011 as broken with integer-simple
       As noted in #16091, arith011 fails when run against integer-simple with a
       "divide by zero" exception. This suggests that integer-gmp and integer-simple
       are handling division by zero differently.
     * This also fixes broken_without_gmp; the lack of types made the previous
       failure silent, sadly. Improves situation of #16043.
     * Mark several tests implicitly depending upon integer-gmp as broken
       with integer-simple. These expect to see Core coming from integer-gmp,
       which breaks with integer-simple.
     * Increase runtime timeout multiplier of T11627a with integer-simple
       I previously saw that T11627a timed out in all profiling ways when run against
       integer-simple. I suspect this is due to integer-simple's rather verbose heap
       representation. Let's see whether increasing the runtime timeout helps.
       Fixes test for #11627.
    This is all in service of fixing #16043.
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