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    Symbolic tags for simplifier phases · a33ae68a
    rl@cse.unsw.edu.au authored
    Every simplifier phase can have an arbitrary number of tags and multiple
    phases can share the same tags. The tags can be used as arguments to
    -ddump-simpl-phases to specify which phases are to be dumped.
    For instance, -ddump-simpl-phases=main will dump the output of phases 2, 1 and
    0 of the initial simplifier run (they all share the "main" tag) while
    -ddump-simpl-phases=main:0 will dump only the output of phase 0 of that run.
    At the moment, the supported tags are:
      main                 The main, staged simplifier run (before strictness)
      post-worker-wrapper  After the w/w split
      post-liberate-case   After LiberateCase
      final                Final clean-up run
    The names are somewhat arbitrary and will change in the future.
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