Commit 7dbc1d8f authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Implement try10Times in Makefile

Avoid using seq, as FreeBSD has jot instead.
parent 870b59f5
......@@ -980,18 +980,30 @@ else
"$(ISCC)" /O. /Fbindistprep/$(WINDOWS_INSTALLER_BASE) - < distrib/ghc.iss
nTimes = set -e; for i in `seq 1 $(1)`; do echo Try "$$i: $(2)"; if $(2); then break; fi; done
# tryTimes tries to run its third argument multiple times, until it
# succeeds. Don't call it directly; call try10Times instead.
# The first and second argument to tryTimes are lists of values.
# The length of the first argument is the number of times we have
# already tried. The length of the second argument is the number more
# times we will try.
tryTimes = $(if $2, \
{ echo 'Try $(words x $1): $3' ; $3 ; } || \
$(call tryTimes,x $1,$(wordlist 2,$(words $2),$2),$3), \
# Try to run the argument 10 times. If all 10 fail, fail.
try10Times = $(call tryTimes,,x x x x x x x x x x,$1) { echo Failed; false; }
.PHONY: publish-binary-dist
$(call nTimes,10,$(PublishCp) $(BIN_DIST_TAR_BZ2) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
$(call try10Times,$(PublishCp) $(BIN_DIST_TAR_BZ2) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
ifeq "$(mingw32_TARGET_OS)" "1"
$(call nTimes,10,$(PublishCp) $(WINDOWS_INSTALLER) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
$(call try10Times,$(PublishCp) $(WINDOWS_INSTALLER) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
.PHONY: publish-docs
$(call nTimes,10,$(PublishCp) -r bindisttest/installed/share/doc/ghc/* $(PublishLocation)/docs)
$(call try10Times,$(PublishCp) -r bindisttest/installed/share/doc/ghc/* $(PublishLocation)/docs)
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Source distributions
......@@ -1079,7 +1091,7 @@ sdist-manifest : $(SRC_DIST_TARBALL)
# over SSH.
ifneq "$(PublishLocation)" ""
publish-sdist :
$(call nTimes,10,$(PublishCp) $(SRC_DIST_TARBALL) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
$(call try10Times,$(PublishCp) $(SRC_DIST_TARBALL) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
ifeq "$(BootingFromHc)" "YES"
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