Commit 7ff43382 authored by Vladislav Zavialov's avatar Vladislav Zavialov
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Comments: change outdated reference to mergeOps

As of 686e06c5,
GHC.Parser.PostProcess.mergeOps no longer exists.

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parent e124f2a7
......@@ -1566,7 +1566,7 @@ all we are concerned about in the parser is identifying the overall shape of
the argument and result types, which we can accomplish by piggybacking on the
special treatment given to function arrows. In a future where function arrows
aren't given special status in the parser, we will likely have to modify
GHC.Parser.PostProcess.mergeOps to preserve this trick.
GHC.Parser.PostProcess.mkHsOpTyPV to preserve this trick.
-- Wrinkle: No nested foralls or contexts
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