Commit a3d55e4f authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Rejig boot

find on Windows doesn't understand -L, so stop trying to be clever and
just autoreconf everything.

Also, print out the names of directories as we autoreconf them, so that
if autoreconfing one breaks then we know which one it was.
parent 33c23693
......@@ -2,30 +2,29 @@
set -e
# Check that we have all core packages.
for dir in `cat libraries/core-packages`; do
if test ! -d libraries/$dir; then
echo "Looks like you're missing libraries/$dir, maybe you haven't done './darcs-all get'?" >&2
exit 1
for dir in `cat libraries/core-packages`
if test ! -d libraries/$dir
echo "Looks like you're missing libraries/$dir." >&2
echo "Maybe you haven't done './darcs-all get'?" >&2
exit 1
# We don't recurse into the library packages with autoreconf anymore,
# so we have to do this manually. To avoid a strict dependency on
# autoreconf, we are careful to call autoreconf only when configure
# does not exist yet or the corresponding is
# newer. This would be dead easy if every shell supported the "-nt"
# option for "test", but this is not the case. The only portable
# solution seems to be via find's "-newer" option or to basically give
# up and replace find with perl: :-P
# perl -e 'print "\n" if -M "" < -M "configure"'
for dir in . libraries/*; do
if test -f $dir/; then
( cd $dir ; { test ! -f configure || test -n "`find -L -newer configure`" || (test -f aclocal.m4 && test -n "`find -L aclocal.m4 -newer configure`"); } && autoreconf )
# autoreconf everything that needs it.
for dir in . libraries/*
if test -f $dir/
echo "Booting $dir"
( cd $dir && autoreconf )
# Alas, darcs doesn't handle file permissions, so fix a few of them.
for f in boot darcs-all push-all validate; do
test -f $f && chmod +x $f
for f in boot darcs-all push-all validate
test -f $f && chmod +x $f
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