Commit a9ce159b authored by Vladislav Zavialov's avatar Vladislav Zavialov Committed by Marge Bot
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Remove outdated comment in rnHsTyKi

This comment dates back to 3df40b7b
and does not seem relevant anymore.
parent 4edf5527
......@@ -625,11 +625,7 @@ rnHsTyKi env ty@(HsRecTy _ flds)
rnHsTyKi env (HsFunTy _ mult ty1 ty2)
= do { (ty1', fvs1) <- rnLHsTyKi env ty1
-- Might find a for-all as the arg of a function type
; (ty2', fvs2) <- rnLHsTyKi env ty2
-- Or as the result. This happens when reading Prelude.hi
-- when we find return :: forall m. Monad m -> forall a. a -> m a
; (mult', w_fvs) <- rnHsArrow env mult
; return (HsFunTy noExtField mult' ty1' ty2'
, plusFVs [fvs1, fvs2, w_fvs]) }
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